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Ollie Birthday Collection


Course project for

Advance Graphic Design

Jan to March 2018

My Roles

Graphic Design

Product Design

Interface Design

Advertisement Design

Ollie is a New York based online dog food company that was founded in October 2016 that produces and delivers customized healthy dog food directly to your door. In this graphic design project at Edmonds Community College, we were required to choose an existing  brand and advertise the brand to attract more consumers. Thus, I chose to create birthday collection to help Ollie to attract more consumers. 

My Roles

Adobe Illustrator


I decided to include both birthday cards and pet bowls in the birthday collection, because personally I feel like pets are more than just animals, they are part of a family. And their birthdays should be celebrated too. 

Birthday Cards

Pet owners have 3 options for the birthday cards. For the first and second option that they choose, they can customize it by printing their furry friend's name on to the birthday cards. For all the birthday cards Ollie will write a short and sweet birthday wishes.

ollie 3.jpg
ollie 3.jpg
ollie 1.jpg
ollie 1.jpg
ollie 2.jpg
ollie 2.jpg

Birthday Bowls

Pet owners can customized their own birthday bowls depending on the dog's breed, name and birthdate. The name of the dog will be printed in the front of the bowl and the birthdate will be printed on the other side of the bowl. What makes this birthday bowl so unique is that pet owners can also print a dogmoji inside the bowl to represent their furry friends. 



This is the where pet owners can choose their dogmoji


Interaction Design

I changed the website banner for Ollie to attract more pet owners to purchase their healthy dog food, as well as introducing birthday collection for advertisement strategy. 

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