A text-based adventure game with an interactive story that force you to make tough moral choices 


Course project for

IMD Studio Element I

Oct 12th to Oct 25th 2018

My Roles

Graphic Design

Interactive Prototype

The Aim



Adobe Illustrator 

User Flow

Design Iteration Highlights

A brief summary about the game Curex before the users start the game. There is also a return button for users the reread the story

Curex contains 2 buttons for users to decide what he/ she wants Dr. Zero to do in that specific situation/ time.  (Note : Every button that the user pressed can result in different outcomes)


The icon of the game Curex is an abstract form of an infected blood cell that represents the disease “Human Vampiric Disease”. To achieve the design and Curex, I used Twine, Xcode and Adobe Illustrator.  


There were some hard times during this project. One challenge that I faced was not only to make a text- based app game worth playing  but also raising critical questions for the users to understand the purpose of Curex. Another challenge I faced was the set up of the game. For example, what buttons should be linked to different situations and where the game should end.