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Tree t Me Right

An environmental tree growing mobile game to helps children to understand what it takes to grow trees 


Course project for

B IMD Studio Element I

Nov 20th to Nov 7th 2018

My Roles

Treet Me Right is a hackathon project that our group developed based on existing code and pitch of an app that Hannah Ferry originally presented. This app combines mini games such as capturing right fruits to gain points for purchasing trees with gardening games and pesticide challenges, and gives additional environmental impact information throughout the game. 

Visual Designer

UX/ UI Designer

The Aim

Hannah Ferry

Luc Demoulin

Kyle Olason

Jinyi Li

In a 2 week period, Our goal is to further develop the original pitch and to refocus on the direction and the concept development of Treet Me Right. Additionally, not only to make the game visually pleasing we also want to stimulate the users to learn more about environmental issues that we have today, while enjoying the experience of the game. 


Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator 


Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, from the air and release oxygen. One large tree can supply a day's supply of oxygen for four people. However, tree orchard footprint causes nitrous oxide from fertilizer applications could be one of the greatest environmental impacts in apple production. Thus, how should we use a game to encourage users to learn more about environmental issues regarding to both tree and tree orchard.
Learn about environmental impact in a fun way

In analogy, the way to play Treet Me Right is very similar to many farming games such as Facebook farming game FarmVille and Apple Farming & Cash Register from Apple store. However, we included the educational and environmental issues in our game to stimulate the users that tree orchard plantation and growing a tree is a profound knowledge. 

Target Users

Group A: Children and teenagers

Group B: People who is interested in environmental health and climate change 

Group C: People who want to learn about tree growing and environmental issues

xcode 7.png
xcode 2.png
screen 10.png
xcode 6.png
xcode 4.png
xcode 8.png
xocde 5.png
screen 13.png
xcode 14.png
screen 11.png
xcode 17.png
xcode 15.png
screen 9.png
xcode 16.png
concept development
Concept Development
Throughout our design process, we used a range of design methods to help us analyze our design and to push us into thinking the process more throughly. We not only focused on the strong points of this game but also the weakness of Treet Me Right
idea icon.png




Our group came up with 3 ideas based on initial research and group discussion
3 ideas were grouped based on concepts: 1) Adding carbon footprint feature that affects tree growing 2) Growing more trees, the less polluted the air is 3) Mini games
Error Analysis
concepts were evaluated based on their logical process, potential issues, and if it can resonant people
Final Decision

 We see problems and 

stimulate solutions. We decided that we are including mini games with taking care of tree orchard to help users to learn environmental issues throughout the game

Original Mockup
Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 12.16.41
Hannah Ferry, who was the developer from our team that pitched "Treet Me Right" for the hackthon project. She originally presented a simple tree growing mobile game with gesture transformation from IOS system.
During the design and concept development process for this hackathon project "Tree t Me Right", I learnt how to develop concepts from secondary research insights, and visualize my concepts and ideas with digital sketching to create interaction flows. It was difficult to get everything sorted within a limited time, including designing every possible screens of the game and make the game function properly with limited amount of skills. However, I enjoyed the process of absorbing the knowledge and organize abstract thoughts and ideas to create educational and pleasurable mechanisms
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