Color & Scale


Course project for

B IMD 362A

Feb 5th 2019


It is an iOS app that is built mainly with Objective C SceneKit to present three dimensional animation that attain my understanding of color and scale 

My Roles

Visual Designer

UI/ UX Designer



Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator 


The Aim

In mini micro project, our goal is to create a beautiful and compelling hierarchal composition with color and scale

Mar-17-2019 00-35-08.gif

Inspired by Dribble illustration

What is Color?

In design and art, color is important because color adds details and stories into an art piece/design. Most of the time we associate colors with emotions, for instance blue can symbolize  calm, sad and trustworthiness. However, everyone sees colors differently. 

Colors play an important role in a reflection of a brand. Selecting and combining the right colors can impact a brand effectively.  When it comes to natural senses, color is the most influential then to shapes, symbols and words. Thus, understanding colors and understanding the meanings of colors can make your brand, artwork and design more recognizable .

What is Scale?

Scale is one of the design element that has to do with size. In other words, Scale is the size of one object in relation to the other objects in a design or artwork.

Design Process

Color and Scale app was inspired by Dribble illustration. 

I wanted to create a space that is filled by funky and cute ghost illustrations to demonstrate that not only minimal design is aesthetically pleasing but a colorful and busy design can also be appealing.  









Thank You