Rhythm & Balance


Course project for

B IMD 362A

Jan 24th 2019

My Roles

Visual Designer

UI/ UX Designer



Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator 



It is an iOS app that generates random designs that attains rhythm and balance

The Aim

In mini micro project, our goal is to create a visual composition that demonstrates my understandings of rhythm and balance with technical requirements 

Visual design and Illustration are something I enjoy doing. Thus, I decided to create an app that can inspire and stimulate users creativity to create illustrations with simple lines and shapes.

Concept Development




What is rhythm and balance in design?

How can I articulate my knowledge of rhythm and balance through an app?

Final Decision

Technical Process

Due to the technical requirements of this project, we are required to use NSArray and/or NSMutableArray class to create a visual composition that demonstrates my understanding of the concepts of rhythm and balance. Thus, I decided to create an iOS application with 1 button that showcases 4 minimalistic illustration design that contains rhythm and balance.


In Principle of Design,  you can achieve rhythm by repeating lines, colors, textures, patterns, proportions, scale and light. 


Balance is a visual interpretation of gravity in the design. There are 3 ways that you can balance design :

Symmetrical Balance 

Asymmetrical Balance 

Off Balance